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Cheese and Wine

Pairing wine and cheese, with a special focus on French wine. For wine connoisseurs or for people just enjoying good wines and wanting to learn, we are delighted to open our private cellar for a privileged moment with our wine expert. We also offer this class for private groups and special events! Please contact us about it.

  • Start time: 6 pm
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • When: upon request with a minimum of 6 guests
  • Price: 3 wines: 50€/guest or 5 wines: 75€/guest

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Airport Transfer

For 1-3 people


Airport Transfer

For 4-6 people


Welcome Flowers in your Room

Enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your room on arrival.


Champagne in your Room

Enjoy a bottle of French champagne in your room.


Special Event

Birthday, Anniversary etc, quoted based on event. Visit for more info.

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